Simple Home Decorating Tips – beginners and experts!

Smart and beautiful home décor does not need to be expensive or difficult! Believe it or not, a lot of simple home decorating hacks can be used to update the look and feel of your living space without costing a fortune. Not convinced? Check out these budget friendly fixes and some of the best decorating ideas for an instant update!

Rearrange your furniture

Planning to buy new piece of furniture? And that too just for home decoration? Here’s an alternative: how about imparting a fresh makeover to your living space simply by rearranging your furniture? Yep, that simple. It’s time to reassess every corner of your home and tweak the placing of certain pieces of furniture. And BAM! A new makeover is just in front of your eyes.

Opt for DIY Wallpaper

For a smart and instant makeover, craft your space with paint and a pretty stencil, instead of spending loads on wall color! This is a great way to add some colorful vibe in your living space – simply reinvent the existing décor by applying a fresh look with a jazzy wallpaper. How cool is that?

Get Some DIY Rugs

Rugs and carpets are the newest additions in the home décor. Colored pieces are in high demand and nowadays these are available EVERYWHERE. But, if you don’t want to shell off your hard earned cash, opt for some DIY Rugs. Shop the materials from an online store! Rugs can introduce perfect color and texture to an otherwise dull area

Plant Some Greens

So you are a nature lover? Me too. I personally prefer artificial plants for home décor – simple maintenance and chic accent! There are so many options in today’s modern décor world, but you can also plant some greens to design your space the natural way. Set up multiple plants in your living space, real or not, just to jazz up the zone. It’s such a simple, yet effective way to add a kick to your existing décor.

Storage Goals?

When it comes to working on storage, it’s important to focus on functionality as well as style. So, put in some adaptable pieces of storage items that also amp up the style of your home. The idea is to keep a space clutter free and simply relish. Opt for multi-purpose coffee tables and sofas to optimize your storage space and make a great display of your gorgeous accessories and accent pieces.

Illuminate with Candles

Brighten your home to decorate it. Yes! There’s no better way to fill in positive vibes in your living space. You can do that with simple candles. Scented candles are amazing for this purpose. Candles are inexpensive and readily available, but if you want some unique touch, go for a DIY option. You can get some raw wax from the market and get it treated with floral flavors to create unique scents of your own. You can also add colors that perfectly resonate with your taste and personal preferences.

Get Some Throw Pillows

Ah, throw pillows – one of my favorite accent pieces! When it comes to updating the look and feel of your living space, throw pillows are a great way to have season designs and fun and fresh new looks. Simple and color-varied throw pillows can make a huge difference. You can also opt for a cheaper option and purchase the covers to design them in your own, unique way!

Decorate with Glassware

A wonderful and artistic mix of old and new glassware sitting on the shelves, including wineglasses of different colors, makes an awesome décor. The arrangement adds a pop of color to the open shelving and at the same time will serve as beautiful eye candy! Who knew? 🙂

Create a Chair Rail

This is a fairly new concept which you can actually put to use and add to your décor. Bring up a typical architectural drama with a chair rail! Keep in mind installing a chair rail can be a piece of cake — especially if you are opting for a stick-on molding. One way is to paint the areas above and below thoroughly with two different shades of the same color to create a smart, modern look


Keep in mind that modern home décor should not necessarily be expensive. Re-decorating your home just got a lot easier nowadays and the best part? Affordable! Comment below with your favorite hacks or tips!

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