How to find your decorating style

If you are one of the many having trouble finding their decorating style, you should know you are NOT alone. While there are some that are naturally inclined to a style, for others, trying to find theirs can sometimes be a lifelong journey. Of all the years we spend in school, decorating isn’t an idea we pick up in class. Go figure! You can run through every design style and still end up not feeling convinced or satisfied with your decor choices. Most of the time you will be undecided between going for modern, simple or just on picking between color palettes. Again, you are not alone and you should also know there are resources available to help you find it!

Let’s first take a journey through your creativity while trying to figure out what best suits you, your style, and your personality. Block off everything else in the room for a second 🙂 .

Start with the basics

We live in a world full of an endless number of finishes, decorations, colors, and designs. Each decorating item that you plan to add to your room of choice should be something that will add a special spark to the entire overall design to make it YOURS. If you’re unsure about a particular scheme that will suit you, these four basic styles are a good way to help you think through your options:


  • Formal style: in most cases, a formal design will invite delicate elegance and symmetry furniture – great for homes fitted with high ceilings. This design can also go well with tall windows and polished woods.Some of the essentials in this type of style include; antique accessories, decorative trims, and accent rugs. This can be a good basic start for anyone in love with chic designs.
  • Casual style: casual styles will bring warmth, relaxation, and comfort to your home. This style is easily cultivated by rustic design, rectangular elements and any additional soft furniture that has textured fabrics.
  • Traditional style: you can decide to take a trip through the traditional decors and reconnect it with the modern improvements. You might end up liking the mix 🙂 . Interior designers often use this process to come up with new designs.


  • Contemporary style: modern styles keep the trending designs alive. As much as the fresh design will change, some of the contemporary new designs will include simplistic, refined and sophisticated themes. I find the designs in this style very exciting! Take your time and pick something that is more interesting and appealing to you. If you are settled on the contemporary style, you can choose to consult a professional interior designer to make sure you are aligned with the current trends. An initial consultation might also help you narrow down your decorative style.


Get inspired!

Take inspiration from your sources and other designs in countries outside of yours to the next level. After you have identified your style, take an online tour of some of the latest designs in that particular style. Once you have YOUR style down and start putting pieces together for your decor, even the tiniest details in your design style will improve from being “basic” to stylish and elegant over time without you even noticing! But of course relying on outside inspiration can ease the process of getting you there faster. Here are a few world-wide styles to choose from:

  • French style: the French have a unique way of decorating which involves the use of symmetrical chairs, mixed patterns, chandeliers with an ivory kitchen and a pop-up.
  • Swedish style: going the Swedish way will require you to use white, clean, blue and light color blends. If you choose to mix in the casual style here, you can choose to blend those colors with silver and gold accents and gentle and straight lines for your furniture that have simple fabrics. This will give your décor a light and sophisticated touch that will brighten your home.
  • Tuscan style: this design will combine some earthy colors with natural stone giving you that perfect finish. Most of the Tuscan styles are paired with open cabinets and rustic shutters. You will have to do more research on this one to make sure it suits you before getting started since there is a wide variety of options. Make sure to settle for something that catches your heart!
  • The Paris style: romance is something Paris is known for – their designs are not the exception! Add more mystery and romance to your home by taking a bit of Paris into it. You can complement your home with an 18th century European style and classical touch that can include luxurious silks, jewel colors and large paintings.

Be sure to check out magazines for ideas as well. Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration — check out my Pinterest account for more inspo! Study what you can and make a decision based on that. If you want to take it a step further, take an online quiz. There are tons of quizzes that will give you a good idea of what your style is to get you going. I recommend the Houzz Quiz and What’s Your Decorating Style? – Better Homes and Gardens for clearer and more thorough results! Have you found your style? What was your process? Comment below!