Decorating with gray – Are you neutral?

A lot of people think using gray as a neutral color it’s an overwhelming trend, in a good way. I’m with them! I have always been a dark color girl (I can wear black every day), so you can imagine how I feel about using gray in my décor. I just love the sophisticated look and attractiveness gray brings in – it’s overwhelmingly awesome! On the other hand, other people do think decorating with gray is outdated. That said, let’s explore some ways you can work with gray and how you can add it to your décor and style. Who knows? You might change your mind 🙂 .

Explore your idea of neutral

Neutral colors are actually basic to every tool kit. I think the beauty of neutral is within their flexibility and versatility. Neutral tones offer just the perfect framework that blend in well with some accent colors that will come in later with your furniture as well as decorative accents. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, among all the known neutral colors, gray has been considered the “hot shade” for the past few years and it has hit the design space with a boom! Finding its way through most people’s hearts – mine included!

Some associate it with sadness and misery. But all in all, people’s perception towards it has changed over the years since more and more people (professional designers and not) are learning to appreciate the sophistication that comes with it! When you think neutral, the goal is to go with a color that can blend in well with both the sleek modern look and the traditional vintage look, right? Well, that’s what the neutrality of gray does!

50+ Hues of Gray

Gray hues will give you that modern taste of freshness and simplicity all in one package. Find the perfect shades of gray! They will blend in with almost any furnishings giving you a complementary natural feeling. Because of all the different shades of gray, it is now being integrated in most of the interior color schemes; bathrooms, living rooms and even bedrooms. I would say this though, to bring out the best out of that simple yet powerful look, you must know how to choose the best shades for YOUR décor. There are a variety of cooler and warmer shades to choose from; cool ones come in some kind of under-shade of blue, while the warm ones have the brown or yellow under-shade – so you’ll have tons of options! A few things to consider in order to make the best selection: the color of the bricks or stones of your house (if you have any), the lighting fixtures, the cabinetry, the flooring, and wood trims (which can be stained or painted to match).

Adding gray dimension

Nothing is as boring as having bare walls. They make your house loose that sense of belonging. With gray paints, you can add more personality to your walls giving them better dimensions so that they won’t feel bare.
A blend of white ceilings and gray walls is the perfect match! Or you can paint the ceiling with a slightly lighter shade of gray than the walls to contrast. This gives the smaller rooms in the house a more spacious feel as well. If you have a higher ceiling, you can opt for darker shades of gray which will help create the perfect illusion of a cozy space! So if you feel that beige or nude is not giving you the ideal look you’re looking for, try gray! Is a great neutral alternative that will give you a much modern, cleaner and crisper look. Talk about dramatic dimension!

Making the best out of your Gray

Whether you go with a cool or a warm gray, there is always something unique with both. The secret is knowing how to blend them in to your home décor, but first, consider breaking out of your neutral color comfort zone! Look into the different kinds and shades of gray and what your options are. People tend to feel more comfortable with a cool shade, but there are other grays too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a warmer gray or “greige” – combination of gray and beige – if that is a more comfy and familiar route for you.

After you’ve decided to give gray a go, I think it’s important to learn about the diverse differences that distinguish between the cool and warm shades of gray. Being familiar with the color temperatures will help you choose the right palettes easier. If your colors are inconsistent and the undertones do not match, it can ruin the whole gray décor! Also, consider using dark blues and dark grays (like charcoal), it will bring in that dark accent while still not being too dull. The charcoal gray shade does very well when used in home accents like area rugs or fabric furniture. Once you’ve mastered the undertones and different shades you’ll be matching your gray colors like a pro!

Gray-ro-ration! Décor Ideas

1. Living Room

Think of gray as a fun color – it is! Each shade gives you a different style and look so you can play around with it and find YOUR perfect gray. When considering gray for your living room, if you want the modern look, go with a darker shade – go all out! This is one of the most important rooms after all. Add curtains or area rugs with patterns to bring out the gray and make it more fun; you can go with stripes or geometric. As for the décor, think of accent shades that will break out the gray, but still define it – something bright and shiny maybe?

2. Bathroom

Gray is the trending bathroom color of our time! You may wonder why still so many people choose gray when it seems so ‘cold’ for the bathroom? Well, with the right blend, gray makes just the right combination for your bathroom décor since opportunities will be endless! Gray doesn’t have to be boring or remind you of a prison cell; you can add a little spice to the mix by adding a charcoal gray with contemporary bathroom fixtures. If your bathroom is small (like mine), gray will add just the perfect drop of elegance you need to make it interesting. You’re missing out!

Here are other ideas to include gray in your bathroom décor:

  • Use of dark gray tiles: You can use large gray format tiles to give your bathroom that ideal vibe.
  • Gray paint. Give your bathroom that gray fresh face using gray paint on either of your walls or the ceiling.
  • Gray marble walls. Are you obsessed with marble like I am? If you would like to give your bathroom a full transformation, use marble walls with a blend of gray and white. You’ll thank me later 🙂
  • Dove gray. You don’t have to view gray among those gloomy and shady colors. Lighten up the mood in your bathroom with a dove gray and a blend of fresh pink tones. This will make an awesome combination that will help bounce in light in to your bathroom space.

3. Bedroom

I like my bedroom to feel soothing and calm. By now, you probably already know, I am obsessed with gray 🙂 . It’s the color theme at my home and I opted to using a lighter shade in the bedroom – pale gray headboard paired with light gray and white bedding. I was going for a sunnier setting in the bedroom, but if you’d like to use gray in yours, you can contrast the gray by going for a light shade on the walls and darker bedding (or vice versa). Bring in a little extra life with artificial plants (or real if you prefer), a couple of art work pieces, floor vases, and mirrors! Try to find the right combination and be on your gray-way.

What’s the verdict?

Are you open to have a little fun with gray? I hope you now have a different perspective of how you can add gray to your decorative accents, accessories, furniture and wall paint! All you need to do is understand the different shades and know how you can make them work for you and your décor. Gray does not have to be dull and plain – it can be so much fun, original, and adaptable. Give it a chance and you won’t regret it! What are your favorite neutral colors? Do you consider gray a neutral? Let me know your thoughts below!

Here’s a video for additional guidance!