Interior Decor Trends for 2018 – Are you in?

I know I’m not the only one that wishes I could change my décor every other month, right?! I would just love to have a different theme and color scheme more often, but we tend to stick with “one” for a while until we decide to make that drastic switch-up. As a way to comfort my ache (so hard to do by the way), I try to stay up to date with the latest trends and incorporate it in my existing décor without having to change it all at once. You can split up your projects and do bits and pieces so you can satisfy your need for the ‘new and different’. Are you interested in changing some of your interior design to match the current trends? Let’s go through some of the hottest interior styles for 2018 so that you can start your transformation!

Geometric patterns

Did you notice last year’s geometric patterns were mostly around accent rugs and various cushions? This year, geometric patterns are making their way into the bold design of tiles, wallpaper and even art pieces! Decorative touches such as beautiful layered tiles are the perfect option for your shower or kitchen. If you are interested in redoing your backsplash or creating a unique look for your home, using some geometric patterns will definitely help create a trendy look!Indigo style tones

Pastel tones and indigo colors are becoming a big favorite this year when it comes to the best options for enhancing a room. Indigo is part of my own living room color scheme and I LOVE it! I paired it with a pastel color (beige), and contrasted with a medium grey. If you’re going for painting an entire room, it can sometimes be difficult to accessorize with what you already have, but using a pastel and neutral tone can give a room real texture and life without changing your entire decor. On the other hand, adding in colored portraits and a little indigo touch is one way to create a pattern that will not only add consistency and cheerfulness to the décor, but also bring in a new style and invite the spring and summertime looks!

Bold Colors

Speaking of colors, apart from tropical, there are a number of color palettes that pop out and have an awesome boldness to it – that can be another way to transform your living space. Be bold with your colors too! Going with a bold color can even make your space appear larger, which can be very beneficial if you have a smaller space to work with. Bold colors can be one of the best ways to ground a look, create a scheme that can open any room, and make it appear much more artistic. You can add in these bold colors and textures by pairing them with other accents in the space including curtains, cushions, rugs, accent tables, and much more! There are a few ways to introduce these stylish effects and create art piece layers across your entire space. Use it… boldly 🙂

Luxury metallic

Metallics were also very popular last year, but adding a metallic look into your home decor this year, means a more luxurious look. I think gold metallic is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year and it has a softer look than silver, which can be used to bring together a unique elegance and a more sophisticated trendy feel. I think when most people think “metallic colors” they often think of doorknobs, handles and lamp designs, but there are so many beautiful ways to add gold (and silver) metallic decorating pieces that you would not know where to start or what to get! There’s now metallic everything – metallic candle holders, metallic decorative vases, metallic decorative accessories, metallic mirrors, even metallic furniture! It’s the perfect addition if you’re going with a modern, lavish look. Would you integrate metallic in your interior scheme?

Ombre – licicious

The look of shading, or Ombre, interior is one of the latest trends. You are likely to see this look in a variety of different ways and it’s generally something that takes some expertise to do properly so make sure you hire a professional – unless your significant other is handy :). If you’re going with an ombre look, once you have chosen some of your color way, you can start to coordinate your accessories and balance the colors of the wall by mixing in various shades. It will add depth and a very unique style to the room of choice. If you feel like changing the wall color to ombre would be too risky or you’re not too sure, you can also go with ombre curtains. There are also some deliciously-visual ombre accent rugs you can add as a start-up!Shining, shining, yeah!

This can be a more involved project but picking a flooring option that reflects light back into your room can be a welcomed addition to your improved decor. Also, adding a shimmery look in the form of decorative paint or a shiny style carpet – so innovative and fun! It serves as foundation for great spring and summer looks. A blush rose color can be one perfect option for the new season and it can go great with other tones like white and black (one of my favorites!). This style is very adaptable and can run through the different seasons without needing much change, other than the accent décor pieces if you’re changing the color scheme in the room. Between the shining floor options, shining floor tones and a series of prints (or solids) that can complement the look – phew! What a way to shine!

Two-tone kitchen

I love two-tones, but two-ones in the kitchen? I’m in! Again, a bit more involved project, but you can change your cabinetry to a two-tone effect using colors that stand out and vibrant paint. I think this remains as one of the best ways to modernize your kitchen. Using a lighter cabinet trend and brightened paint colors can create the contrast that you need to build a look that will impress a few eyes!

Are you in?

If you’re looking to add to your décor or simply change part of it, consider some of these top interior trends for the coming season. These can all make a beautiful statement in your home, creating a new look that will surely catch attention. Do you like any of the trends this year? What are your favorites? Comment below!

All white living room

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Artificial Plants – Faux goodness!

I have found a new love and I want to let you all in my little décor secret, faux plants! I just can’t get enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love the real stuff too. If you are a hard-working gardener and real-plant lover, kudos to you! But there is something about artificial flowers and plants I just can’t resist. Not only are they low-maintenance and can last FOREVER (or so), but I truly believe they add a very special kick to any décor in ANY space that the real stuff just doesn’t. Have you tried them? Here are a few simple tips that can help you with your own faux plant décor!

Stick to high-quality

They’re faux, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like it. Try to stick to the high-quality plants that give you a real taste even if you have to spend a few extra dollars, it’s worth it! A beautiful pot makes all the difference in the quality look and feel of your plant, start there. Go for plants that have “fake dirt” or “soil” – that will add to the illusion. Lastly, pick a good looking stem or flawed leaves, the imperfection will add to the “real thing” look and no one will tell the difference!

Do they fit?

Like any other accent piece, faux plants should add to your existing décor, not fade it. Make sure your selection is a good fit for your space – maybe an empty corner you’d like to fill? Want to bring in some color? The plant should “work” with what you already have and it should make a beautiful statement in the room of your preference, even the bathroom! Placement is also one thing to consider when finding the right home for your plant – make sure you put it where you would a real plant.

Faux succulents too

I live in faux succulent heaven. They’re not only gorgeous, but so realistic and super affordable! They are also a great way to diversify your not-so-real plant décor spree :). They enhance the visual aspect of almost any area and you have an unlimited amount of options. Real succulents are also fairly easy to maintain, but when considering weather changes (like New York 🙁 ) and other requirements, the artificial option might be more beneficial to your décor needs.

Dust off!

They are low maintenance but they do tend to be more susceptible to dust. You can easily dust them off with a regular duster once or twice a week to add time to the life of your faux plant. Be extra careful when cleaning or dusting so you don’t damage the stems, leaves, or flowers.

Bottom line

I find artificial plants to be an extremely useful decorating tool that, when done the right way, can be a stylish addition to your décor. No watering, no stress with having to grow them, pest-free, just a little dusting? I’m here for it! What are your thoughts on artificial flowers and plants? Do you love them or hate them? Comment below!

Here are some of my favorite sites for faux plants:

Home Goods
Pier 1
Crate & Barrell
West Elm

Simple Home Decorating Tips – beginners and experts!

Smart and beautiful home décor does not need to be expensive or difficult! Believe it or not, a lot of simple home decorating hacks can be used to update the look and feel of your living space without costing a fortune. Not convinced? Check out these budget friendly fixes and some of the best decorating ideas for an instant update!

Rearrange your furniture

Planning to buy new piece of furniture? And that too just for home decoration? Here’s an alternative: how about imparting a fresh makeover to your living space simply by rearranging your furniture? Yep, that simple. It’s time to reassess every corner of your home and tweak the placing of certain pieces of furniture. And BAM! A new makeover is just in front of your eyes.

Opt for DIY Wallpaper

For a smart and instant makeover, craft your space with paint and a pretty stencil, instead of spending loads on wall color! This is a great way to add some colorful vibe in your living space – simply reinvent the existing décor by applying a fresh look with a jazzy wallpaper. How cool is that?

Get Some DIY Rugs

Rugs and carpets are the newest additions in the home décor. Colored pieces are in high demand and nowadays these are available EVERYWHERE. But, if you don’t want to shell off your hard earned cash, opt for some DIY Rugs. Shop the materials from an online store! Rugs can introduce perfect color and texture to an otherwise dull area

Plant Some Greens

So you are a nature lover? Me too. I personally prefer artificial plants for home décor – simple maintenance and chic accent! There are so many options in today’s modern décor world, but you can also plant some greens to design your space the natural way. Set up multiple plants in your living space, real or not, just to jazz up the zone. It’s such a simple, yet effective way to add a kick to your existing décor.

Storage Goals?

When it comes to working on storage, it’s important to focus on functionality as well as style. So, put in some adaptable pieces of storage items that also amp up the style of your home. The idea is to keep a space clutter free and simply relish. Opt for multi-purpose coffee tables and sofas to optimize your storage space and make a great display of your gorgeous accessories and accent pieces.

Illuminate with Candles

Brighten your home to decorate it. Yes! There’s no better way to fill in positive vibes in your living space. You can do that with simple candles. Scented candles are amazing for this purpose. Candles are inexpensive and readily available, but if you want some unique touch, go for a DIY option. You can get some raw wax from the market and get it treated with floral flavors to create unique scents of your own. You can also add colors that perfectly resonate with your taste and personal preferences.

Get Some Throw Pillows

Ah, throw pillows – one of my favorite accent pieces! When it comes to updating the look and feel of your living space, throw pillows are a great way to have season designs and fun and fresh new looks. Simple and color-varied throw pillows can make a huge difference. You can also opt for a cheaper option and purchase the covers to design them in your own, unique way!

Decorate with Glassware

A wonderful and artistic mix of old and new glassware sitting on the shelves, including wineglasses of different colors, makes an awesome décor. The arrangement adds a pop of color to the open shelving and at the same time will serve as beautiful eye candy! Who knew? 🙂

Create a Chair Rail

This is a fairly new concept which you can actually put to use and add to your décor. Bring up a typical architectural drama with a chair rail! Keep in mind installing a chair rail can be a piece of cake — especially if you are opting for a stick-on molding. One way is to paint the areas above and below thoroughly with two different shades of the same color to create a smart, modern look


Keep in mind that modern home décor should not necessarily be expensive. Re-decorating your home just got a lot easier nowadays and the best part? Affordable! Comment below with your favorite hacks or tips!