Decor Tips: A Choo Choo Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! It has been a very special year for me where I have found and pursued new interests and goals and I couldn’t be more excited with my progress and for what’s yet to come! It’s all about personal growth, perseverance, patience and self-love 🙂 . As I reflect on this year and start diving into my Christmas decor, a thought came to mind: as exciting and eventful this season can be, it also means decorations and shopping which for some, might not be that exciting. It is that time of the year when everyone is shopping and lighting up their homes with beautiful decorations to usher for the holidays and while there are many traditional ways of decorating the house for Christmas, bringing in a little personal modern touch can make a big difference in how your efforts turn out at the end. With the right tweaks and tricks your home should have a refreshing and happy holiday vibe.

For those procrastinating decorators (me 🙂 ) I wanted to share a few tips on how to decorate different parts of your home as well as a few ideas on Christmas shopping. It can be fun decorating for Christmas, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for indulging in your holiday spirit. Let’s get right into it!

A time of wonder

Red and green are the standard colors for interior Christmas decorations, but why not take yours a step further? Why not challenge the status quo? Do you dare?

  • Personalize the Traditional
    Yes, you can stay with the traditional Christmas decor, and still win. What colors make you tick? Get creative and combine those colors with the classic red and green to create something truly magical and different. Ribbons are an excellent tool for any decorative work, and they deliver super cool effects when used creatively for Christmas. You can use burlap to add a rustic feel to your tables; candy colors also stand out or add the classic black and white contrast to make your Christmas decor remarkable during and after the holiday season. I’m also really into farmhouse Christmas decor lately, which I think is a great style to combine with a modern touch.
  • Combine Metallics
    In the past, decorating with metals required sticking to one type of metallic. Now, you can spice up your bedroom with an elegant mix of different metallic textures to create an artistic look that makes your home unique and sophisticated. Whether you are combining golden candle stands with silverware, brass bowls with aluminum vases and so on, you can never go wrong with this combo!
  • Swap Your Beddings 
    As you prepare for the new season, it’s time to reshuffle your bedding arrangement to accent your private space. There is nothing wrong in combining white and cream-colored beddings and touching it up with red or purple throws. It gets better if you can get flannel sheets as well as a blanket to help lock in the heat during the cold months and reduce your energy bills. Let your creative juices start flowing. Get to it!
  • Christmas Lights
    I think an often underrated decoration item for Christmas is the lights – for indoor use at least. Those multicolored, vibrant, beautiful lights can transform your dull space into vivid brightness if you know how. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or porch, Christmas lights can add life, glam, and an air of festivity to any space! Last year, I added so many lights in random places like the hand railing on my stairs and my huge artificial indoor plant – don’t ask— it made a huge difference and I loved it!
  • Transform Your Porch
    The best way to create a lasting impression with your Christmas decor is to start from the exterior, and nothing beats a beautifully decorated porch. There are many ways to make your porch look stylish this holiday season; your creativity is the only limitation. Garlands and wreaths are a simple and affordable way of transforming your porch into a wonderland. Hang wreaths and garlands on the walls of your porch, from the roof, arrange on the floor in symmetrical order, and you are good to go! You can also make a bold statement by moving your Christmas tree outside or even getting a second one for the porch – there are many beautiful outdoor trees selections. I even went with the opposite last year and used an outdoor tree as my indoor – it looked amazing! Lights, of course, can also make your porch lovely. From stringed lights hanging from the roof, ornament-filled lanterns, to glowing garlands that send off the lights in a hundred directions, your porch should wear an excellent look this Christmas 🙂

  • Kitchen Decor
    The kitchen is the melting pot of the home for people who cook. It is the place where the family catch up with each other and also serves as a cool spot for the homely visitor. It is also where all the holiday delicacies we love so much come from, making it a top candidate for Christmas decorations. Candles can add a golden and traditional ambiance to your kitchen space, but make sure to choose the right combination to go with your table setting. You can also display your treats in a beautiful decorative Christmas bowl on the counter. Garlands, lanterns and string lights also do well in the kitchen and add a bit of a different feel. Lastly, you can spice up your kitchen decor with natural elements such as pine cones, flowers, twigs, and others. Keep it simple, and Christmas is lit!

A time of giving

Now, let’s move on to Christmas shopping. Can be stressful, I know! With the whole country making last-minute purchases, prices can go up quickly, and stores run out of stock fairly fast on the items that you love! Yep, been there. During this time, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind. But there are few ways to do last minute Christmas shopping without emptying your bank account or losing your sanity.

  • Make a List
    As simple and obvious as this might seem, many people are so panicked by the fear of missing out they have no time left for making a list. Even if you are doing regular shopping, it’s wise to always shop with a list. A list helps you control your thoughts and stay focused on what you need to buy, not what your impulse or suggestive ads make you to splurge on. There will be so much temptation to buy everything at the store, but don’t fall for it – don’t be like me! Before heading out for the last run for Christmas shopping, make sure you have a list of the specific things you are getting and for who.

  • Shop at the Right Time
    You can get great deals if you know the right time to shop. The right time is when stores are discounting their stocks, making it easy to get special gifts at unbelievable prices. It’s also important to shop during off-peak periods. That way, you won’t be pressured to buy on impulse. But since next week is already Thanksgiving – be sure to take advantage for the sweet Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!
  • Choose Smaller Stores
    The large stores pull the biggest crowds, a recipe for confusion and bad choices. However, you can get everything you need at smaller, less crowded stores as well, which means you have more time to think before buying and make fewer shopping choices you’ll regret later.
  • Online Shopping
    In the age of Amazon and online shopping, you can get anything you want online, and it will be delivered to your home in record time! Why waste your energy and effort struggling with hundreds of people at full stores and risk getting punched in the face if you can order from your smartphone while making your Christmas shopping list? Nothing beats the convenience of online shopping. It makes life easier!

Remember Christmas is a special and magical time filled with love, family, and cheer. Make sure you always remember the things in your life that truly matter. Wishing you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season!

Check out a few of my fave holiday sources below! Do you have any Christmas decor tips? What is your process for Christmas shopping? Let me know in the comments!

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A simple guide: Home Organization Hacks!

“A place for everything, and everything is it’s place” – I think that’s how a home should be! You should view your home as your haven, and a haven should be properly organized. I can see how this can be a challenge for some as there are sometimes things that factor in that are out of our control: large families, kids, messy husbands etc. But when there is order, there is tranquillity 🙂 . Organization is not about being perfect or having a perfectly organized home at all times, it’s about efficiency, minimizing stress and clutter, and saving time and money by improving your overall quality of life!

Do you ever wonder how your friends manage to keep their house so perfect when all you do is complain of the chaos in yours? Well, first step is accepting that clutter doesn’t appear just out of thin air. At times you end up pilling up unnecessary stuff in your house and before you know it, your home is nothing but a mess. Organizing is a practice, not a project – make it a habit!

Surprisingly, people with organized homes spend time at home too. This means you can’t keep your house organized by merely avoiding being there. If you know your house turns into a mess at some point in the day, follow these simple organization hacks that can help you control the flood of clutter in your home before it gets out of hand. Now, let’s get organized!

Spic and Span Bathrooms

The bathroom happens to be one of the most used rooms in the house. That said, for you to achieve a clean, beautiful and fully functional bathroom, you have to make a habit out of getting it AND keeping it organized at all times. Diverse products, towels, and other small appliances make their way to the bathroom and slowly contribute to clutter and mess.

So let’s look at the basics:

  • To keep the sink area tidy, opt for a soap dispenser rather than a bar soap tray.
  • If you have the option, ensure that the vanity floats off the floor. This way, your mopping and cleaning routines will be much easier, and dirt won’t pile up at the toe kick.
  • If you have it, use the space above the toilet to fit some shallow shelves for storage of washcloths and towels. I loveee wall shelves!
  • Have a medicine cabinet where you can house small items. Medicine cabinets with mirrors come in handy since they add to the organization storage options.
  • Install wire shelves or niches on the shower wall. You can use the space to keep shampoos and soaps rather than leaving them lying on the shower floor or tub edges. Keep your products out of sight unless you have some beautifully bottled skin care products that you’d like to show off 😉 .
  • Opt for drawers in your cabinetry rather than doors. This will give you easy access to the products and other bathroom appliances and you’ll be more incline to put it right back where you found it – in & out! 

A Flawless Living Room

Your living room – a place for relaxing, entertaining, dining, playing and family gatherings. For these and many reasons, the living room is one area in any home that is the most prone to clutter. Can you relate? Let’s look at a few tips that will help you reduce that living room chaos:

  • Every house has a focal point, can be the fireplace or the television set Arrange your furniture around this place to allow easy walking access.
  • Choose an entertainment area where you can keep your DVDs, Blue Ray, video games, etc. Ensure there is a separate storage space so you won’t have to deal with piles lying on the living room floor.
  • Keep the cable and cords out of sight. Use a cable zipper to enclose the wires.
  • If you have kids, make space for a playroom to avoid having toys lying all over the house. This will also help void having the kids carrying the toys around since everything will be in one place.
  • A coffee table is a great addition to any living room décor, but if you notice that clutter is accumulating on the coffee table, try adding some modern chic bins and rolling baskets under the table (just make sure they match your decor!).
  • Choose only a few photos that should be framed and place them strategically in the house. Don’t have all your photos on the wall, it can overwhelm your décor.
  • Use decorative pots for your house plants and organize them tactically to avoid that crowded look.

A Dashing Kitchen

A kitchen is the home’s center of attention. I don’t know about you, but for me, it is so much easier to cook in an organized kitchen. I clean as I cook to help me keep it together! This is easy for some, but I do know a few that make a mess out of broiling water 🙂 . For those, there are a few tricks that can help maintain an organized mess-free kitchen:

  • The depths of the pantry can be black holes if they are not visited now and then. Make it a habit to go through your pantry at least once a week and throw away anything that looks off or expired. That way you can clear up space for extra stuff.
  • Create extra space on the walls or the back of your kitchen cabinets. Do not overload your knife holder or peg board, instead leave those you use more often and put away others in a cabinet.
  • To help you find the spices while you are cooking, ensure that you label the sides or tops. Trust me this will save you so much time and frustration in the kitchen!
  • Depending of the size of your kitchen, create work zones; this will help you move around with much more ease. Also, ensure that you store everything according to their zones. You can have a cooking area, dishwasher storage area, clean-up area, preparation area, etc.
  • Organize your fridge according to the food categories. For instance; consider placing the dairy products on the top shelf of the fridge and meat in the lower section. That way you won’t have leakages from meat dirtying the fridge and contaminating other foods.

The Bedroom you ask?

To achieve a serene look in the bedroom you must have some of these common factors: a soft color scheme, a pampering bed, soft lighting and greeneries (or, as you know, my favorite option – faux flowers!). To maintain this kind of look in your bedroom, here are a few recommendations:

  • If your bedroom space is limited, maximize the under the bed storage. Use it to store shoes, sports gear, seasonal clothing and other bulky items in your bedroom. Preferably use clear boxes with handles for easy access. The Container Store and Amazon have some great options!
  • Install hooks on the back of your closet doors so you can hang belts, hats, and bathrobes.
  • If you have a large jewelry and accessories collection, give it a home in your bedroom. Look for a small pegboard and hung it on a wall (preferably in a closet or closed space). Or get a drawer jewelry organizer.
  • Utilize the bedside storage – get a stylish nightstand with drawers or doors.

There is no better feeling than being in an organized home – you’re hearing this from an organization freak! Give these tips a try and see how they help keep the main areas in your house sparkling clean and chaos free. Once you have an organization routine going, it will get easier. Remember – if you don’t LOVE or USE it, it’s clutter. The secret to getting organized is YOU! What are your organizing hacks? Share them below!

How to find your decorating style

If you are one of the many having trouble finding their decorating style, you should know you are NOT alone. While there are some that are naturally inclined to a style, for others, trying to find theirs can sometimes be a lifelong journey. Of all the years we spend in school, decorating isn’t an idea we pick up in class. Go figure! You can run through every design style and still end up not feeling convinced or satisfied with your decor choices. Most of the time you will be undecided between going for modern, simple or just on picking between color palettes. Again, you are not alone and you should also know there are resources available to help you find it!

Let’s first take a journey through your creativity while trying to figure out what best suits you, your style, and your personality. Block off everything else in the room for a second 🙂 .

Start with the basics

We live in a world full of an endless number of finishes, decorations, colors, and designs. Each decorating item that you plan to add to your room of choice should be something that will add a special spark to the entire overall design to make it YOURS. If you’re unsure about a particular scheme that will suit you, these four basic styles are a good way to help you think through your options:


  • Formal style: in most cases, a formal design will invite delicate elegance and symmetry furniture – great for homes fitted with high ceilings. This design can also go well with tall windows and polished woods.Some of the essentials in this type of style include; antique accessories, decorative trims, and accent rugs. This can be a good basic start for anyone in love with chic designs.
  • Casual style: casual styles will bring warmth, relaxation, and comfort to your home. This style is easily cultivated by rustic design, rectangular elements and any additional soft furniture that has textured fabrics.
  • Traditional style: you can decide to take a trip through the traditional decors and reconnect it with the modern improvements. You might end up liking the mix 🙂 . Interior designers often use this process to come up with new designs.


  • Contemporary style: modern styles keep the trending designs alive. As much as the fresh design will change, some of the contemporary new designs will include simplistic, refined and sophisticated themes. I find the designs in this style very exciting! Take your time and pick something that is more interesting and appealing to you. If you are settled on the contemporary style, you can choose to consult a professional interior designer to make sure you are aligned with the current trends. An initial consultation might also help you narrow down your decorative style.


Get inspired!

Take inspiration from your sources and other designs in countries outside of yours to the next level. After you have identified your style, take an online tour of some of the latest designs in that particular style. Once you have YOUR style down and start putting pieces together for your decor, even the tiniest details in your design style will improve from being “basic” to stylish and elegant over time without you even noticing! But of course relying on outside inspiration can ease the process of getting you there faster. Here are a few world-wide styles to choose from:

  • French style: the French have a unique way of decorating which involves the use of symmetrical chairs, mixed patterns, chandeliers with an ivory kitchen and a pop-up.
  • Swedish style: going the Swedish way will require you to use white, clean, blue and light color blends. If you choose to mix in the casual style here, you can choose to blend those colors with silver and gold accents and gentle and straight lines for your furniture that have simple fabrics. This will give your décor a light and sophisticated touch that will brighten your home.
  • Tuscan style: this design will combine some earthy colors with natural stone giving you that perfect finish. Most of the Tuscan styles are paired with open cabinets and rustic shutters. You will have to do more research on this one to make sure it suits you before getting started since there is a wide variety of options. Make sure to settle for something that catches your heart!
  • The Paris style: romance is something Paris is known for – their designs are not the exception! Add more mystery and romance to your home by taking a bit of Paris into it. You can complement your home with an 18th century European style and classical touch that can include luxurious silks, jewel colors and large paintings.

Be sure to check out magazines for ideas as well. Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration — check out my Pinterest account for more inspo! Study what you can and make a decision based on that. If you want to take it a step further, take an online quiz. There are tons of quizzes that will give you a good idea of what your style is to get you going. I recommend the Houzz Quiz and What’s Your Decorating Style? – Better Homes and Gardens for clearer and more thorough results! Have you found your style? What was your process? Comment below!

Decor tips: How to decorate small spaces

Decorating small living spaces is often looked at as too difficult or too challenging. I think that with the right attitude and the right guidance you can turn small spaces into peaceful, cozy wonders you’ll love going back to day after day. I for one, have a small home and love working with small spaces – I love a good challenge! Plus I think they are so much fun 🙂 .

I have a few key rules when it comes to small home decorating ideas that I stick by to reach a good end result. Let’s look into how we can apply them to each room of your house:

  1. Lighting. When it comes to small spaces, it’s great to have lots and lots of light. To help with the brightness, make sure you have light colors on the walls, preferably pure or off-white. This ensures the light coming in is not absorbed by large surfaces, but rather reflected back in the room. It makes a huge difference since the same space painted in darker tones can feel like it’s caving in on you making the room appear smaller instead of feeling open and fresh!
  2. Have as many multi-use items as possible. It stands to reason that you need to use the space to the maximum and you’ll be able to do that if most of the items in your house serve more than one purpose.
  3. Create the illusion of more space. There’s a quote that says “appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak”… so, if space is what you’re lacking, try to make more space appear! I’ll give you some tips on how to do this, but as a golden rule, remember to always avoid clutter!

Guided by our three rules, let’s find practical solutions for each important room in your house.

Small Living Room

Let’s say you have a small living room. What can you do to make it look bigger? Well, first tip – you should hang your curtains as high as possible! Don’t worry if they are well above your windows. This will make the room seem taller, with higher ceilings! Another trick is to make good use of a few ottomans. They can be used for sitting down or double as small accent tables. You can also place a tray on top and you’re good to go!


For small living rooms, it’s essential to use large room-sized area rugs. This will create the illusion of space and will give a rich texture to the whole area. It will also bring the room together, creating structure. The walls should be white or very light in color and they should match the sofa so that it blends in with the wall and the illusion will be more visible and believable!

Another simple yet very effective trick is to slightly downsize your furniture. If you can change the sofa to one with a fewer less inches in length that will not affect how comfortable it is but still make it look better in the small living area, then go for it! It will also save you some valuable space to let the room breath.

Small Bathroom

Pretty simple – here you might want to stick to calming palette tones as well: white, off-white, or tan. The pattern in the tiles on the floor also play an important role in making the bathroom decor a bit more interesting – busy floors and simple walls will help draw the attention off the size of the bathroom. Try to go with fixtures with storage options or use decorative bins as well!

Small Bedroom

The best way to go about creating more space in your bedroom is to add mirrors. They work wonders with the illusion and can also be inexpensive (depending on your choice and taste) and are relatively easy to install. You would need to place them facing a source of natural light so they can reflect it inside but also some artificial lighting like candles or a light fixture will do. Lastly, try to stick to a single theme throughout the bedroom décor — bring in some calming good vibes by keeping the scheme consistent.

Bonus Tip!

Going back to furniture, opt for a bed with storage options! If you can stash things in a few drawers on the bed you’ll gain a ton of room that would otherwise be drowned with clutter – trust me I know! There are a few modern chic styles available so you can be still be stylish while you use your bed for storage. It can be a simple and cost-effective way to turn what appeared to be a bad hand into a pot of gold!

For additional inspiration, check out my decor in my small half-bath and beauty room! Simple wall art and greenery / accent pieces, can make a huge difference in your small space! Do you know of any other tips worth mentioning that I missed? Leave a comment below!

Decorating with gray – Are you neutral?

A lot of people think using gray as a neutral color it’s an overwhelming trend, in a good way. I’m with them! I have always been a dark color girl (I can wear black every day), so you can imagine how I feel about using gray in my décor. I just love the sophisticated look and attractiveness gray brings in – it’s overwhelmingly awesome! On the other hand, other people do think decorating with gray is outdated. That said, let’s explore some ways you can work with gray and how you can add it to your décor and style. Who knows? You might change your mind 🙂 .

Explore your idea of neutral

Neutral colors are actually basic to every tool kit. I think the beauty of neutral is within their flexibility and versatility. Neutral tones offer just the perfect framework that blend in well with some accent colors that will come in later with your furniture as well as decorative accents. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, among all the known neutral colors, gray has been considered the “hot shade” for the past few years and it has hit the design space with a boom! Finding its way through most people’s hearts – mine included!

Some associate it with sadness and misery. But all in all, people’s perception towards it has changed over the years since more and more people (professional designers and not) are learning to appreciate the sophistication that comes with it! When you think neutral, the goal is to go with a color that can blend in well with both the sleek modern look and the traditional vintage look, right? Well, that’s what the neutrality of gray does!

50+ Hues of Gray

Gray hues will give you that modern taste of freshness and simplicity all in one package. Find the perfect shades of gray! They will blend in with almost any furnishings giving you a complementary natural feeling. Because of all the different shades of gray, it is now being integrated in most of the interior color schemes; bathrooms, living rooms and even bedrooms. I would say this though, to bring out the best out of that simple yet powerful look, you must know how to choose the best shades for YOUR décor. There are a variety of cooler and warmer shades to choose from; cool ones come in some kind of under-shade of blue, while the warm ones have the brown or yellow under-shade – so you’ll have tons of options! A few things to consider in order to make the best selection: the color of the bricks or stones of your house (if you have any), the lighting fixtures, the cabinetry, the flooring, and wood trims (which can be stained or painted to match).

Adding gray dimension

Nothing is as boring as having bare walls. They make your house loose that sense of belonging. With gray paints, you can add more personality to your walls giving them better dimensions so that they won’t feel bare.
A blend of white ceilings and gray walls is the perfect match! Or you can paint the ceiling with a slightly lighter shade of gray than the walls to contrast. This gives the smaller rooms in the house a more spacious feel as well. If you have a higher ceiling, you can opt for darker shades of gray which will help create the perfect illusion of a cozy space! So if you feel that beige or nude is not giving you the ideal look you’re looking for, try gray! Is a great neutral alternative that will give you a much modern, cleaner and crisper look. Talk about dramatic dimension!

Making the best out of your Gray

Whether you go with a cool or a warm gray, there is always something unique with both. The secret is knowing how to blend them in to your home décor, but first, consider breaking out of your neutral color comfort zone! Look into the different kinds and shades of gray and what your options are. People tend to feel more comfortable with a cool shade, but there are other grays too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a warmer gray or “greige” – combination of gray and beige – if that is a more comfy and familiar route for you.

After you’ve decided to give gray a go, I think it’s important to learn about the diverse differences that distinguish between the cool and warm shades of gray. Being familiar with the color temperatures will help you choose the right palettes easier. If your colors are inconsistent and the undertones do not match, it can ruin the whole gray décor! Also, consider using dark blues and dark grays (like charcoal), it will bring in that dark accent while still not being too dull. The charcoal gray shade does very well when used in home accents like area rugs or fabric furniture. Once you’ve mastered the undertones and different shades you’ll be matching your gray colors like a pro!

Gray-ro-ration! Décor Ideas

1. Living Room

Think of gray as a fun color – it is! Each shade gives you a different style and look so you can play around with it and find YOUR perfect gray. When considering gray for your living room, if you want the modern look, go with a darker shade – go all out! This is one of the most important rooms after all. Add curtains or area rugs with patterns to bring out the gray and make it more fun; you can go with stripes or geometric. As for the décor, think of accent shades that will break out the gray, but still define it – something bright and shiny maybe?

2. Bathroom

Gray is the trending bathroom color of our time! You may wonder why still so many people choose gray when it seems so ‘cold’ for the bathroom? Well, with the right blend, gray makes just the right combination for your bathroom décor since opportunities will be endless! Gray doesn’t have to be boring or remind you of a prison cell; you can add a little spice to the mix by adding a charcoal gray with contemporary bathroom fixtures. If your bathroom is small (like mine), gray will add just the perfect drop of elegance you need to make it interesting. You’re missing out!

Here are other ideas to include gray in your bathroom décor:

  • Use of dark gray tiles: You can use large gray format tiles to give your bathroom that ideal vibe.
  • Gray paint. Give your bathroom that gray fresh face using gray paint on either of your walls or the ceiling.
  • Gray marble walls. Are you obsessed with marble like I am? If you would like to give your bathroom a full transformation, use marble walls with a blend of gray and white. You’ll thank me later 🙂
  • Dove gray. You don’t have to view gray among those gloomy and shady colors. Lighten up the mood in your bathroom with a dove gray and a blend of fresh pink tones. This will make an awesome combination that will help bounce in light in to your bathroom space.

3. Bedroom

I like my bedroom to feel soothing and calm. By now, you probably already know, I am obsessed with gray 🙂 . It’s the color theme at my home and I opted to using a lighter shade in the bedroom – pale gray headboard paired with light gray and white bedding. I was going for a sunnier setting in the bedroom, but if you’d like to use gray in yours, you can contrast the gray by going for a light shade on the walls and darker bedding (or vice versa). Bring in a little extra life with artificial plants (or real if you prefer), a couple of art work pieces, floor vases, and mirrors! Try to find the right combination and be on your gray-way.

What’s the verdict?

Are you open to have a little fun with gray? I hope you now have a different perspective of how you can add gray to your decorative accents, accessories, furniture and wall paint! All you need to do is understand the different shades and know how you can make them work for you and your décor. Gray does not have to be dull and plain – it can be so much fun, original, and adaptable. Give it a chance and you won’t regret it! What are your favorite neutral colors? Do you consider gray a neutral? Let me know your thoughts below!

Here’s a video for additional guidance!

Interior Decor Trends for 2018 – Are you in?

I know I’m not the only one that wishes I could change my décor every other month, right?! I would just love to have a different theme and color scheme more often, but we tend to stick with “one” for a while until we decide to make that drastic switch-up. As a way to comfort my ache (so hard to do by the way), I try to stay up to date with the latest trends and incorporate it in my existing décor without having to change it all at once. You can split up your projects and do bits and pieces so you can satisfy your need for the ‘new and different’. Are you interested in changing some of your interior design to match the current trends? Let’s go through some of the hottest interior styles for 2018 so that you can start your transformation!

Geometric patterns

Did you notice last year’s geometric patterns were mostly around accent rugs and various cushions? This year, geometric patterns are making their way into the bold design of tiles, wallpaper and even art pieces! Decorative touches such as beautiful layered tiles are the perfect option for your shower or kitchen. If you are interested in redoing your backsplash or creating a unique look for your home, using some geometric patterns will definitely help create a trendy look!Indigo style tones

Pastel tones and indigo colors are becoming a big favorite this year when it comes to the best options for enhancing a room. Indigo is part of my own living room color scheme and I LOVE it! I paired it with a pastel color (beige), and contrasted with a medium grey. If you’re going for painting an entire room, it can sometimes be difficult to accessorize with what you already have, but using a pastel and neutral tone can give a room real texture and life without changing your entire decor. On the other hand, adding in colored portraits and a little indigo touch is one way to create a pattern that will not only add consistency and cheerfulness to the décor, but also bring in a new style and invite the spring and summertime looks!

Bold Colors

Speaking of colors, apart from tropical, there are a number of color palettes that pop out and have an awesome boldness to it – that can be another way to transform your living space. Be bold with your colors too! Going with a bold color can even make your space appear larger, which can be very beneficial if you have a smaller space to work with. Bold colors can be one of the best ways to ground a look, create a scheme that can open any room, and make it appear much more artistic. You can add in these bold colors and textures by pairing them with other accents in the space including curtains, cushions, rugs, accent tables, and much more! There are a few ways to introduce these stylish effects and create art piece layers across your entire space. Use it… boldly 🙂

Luxury metallic

Metallics were also very popular last year, but adding a metallic look into your home decor this year, means a more luxurious look. I think gold metallic is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year and it has a softer look than silver, which can be used to bring together a unique elegance and a more sophisticated trendy feel. I think when most people think “metallic colors” they often think of doorknobs, handles and lamp designs, but there are so many beautiful ways to add gold (and silver) metallic decorating pieces that you would not know where to start or what to get! There’s now metallic everything – metallic candle holders, metallic decorative vases, metallic decorative accessories, metallic mirrors, even metallic furniture! It’s the perfect addition if you’re going with a modern, lavish look. Would you integrate metallic in your interior scheme?

Ombre – licicious

The look of shading, or Ombre, interior is one of the latest trends. You are likely to see this look in a variety of different ways and it’s generally something that takes some expertise to do properly so make sure you hire a professional – unless your significant other is handy :). If you’re going with an ombre look, once you have chosen some of your color way, you can start to coordinate your accessories and balance the colors of the wall by mixing in various shades. It will add depth and a very unique style to the room of choice. If you feel like changing the wall color to ombre would be too risky or you’re not too sure, you can also go with ombre curtains. There are also some deliciously-visual ombre accent rugs you can add as a start-up!Shining, shining, yeah!

This can be a more involved project but picking a flooring option that reflects light back into your room can be a welcomed addition to your improved decor. Also, adding a shimmery look in the form of decorative paint or a shiny style carpet – so innovative and fun! It serves as foundation for great spring and summer looks. A blush rose color can be one perfect option for the new season and it can go great with other tones like white and black (one of my favorites!). This style is very adaptable and can run through the different seasons without needing much change, other than the accent décor pieces if you’re changing the color scheme in the room. Between the shining floor options, shining floor tones and a series of prints (or solids) that can complement the look – phew! What a way to shine!

Two-tone kitchen

I love two-tones, but two-ones in the kitchen? I’m in! Again, a bit more involved project, but you can change your cabinetry to a two-tone effect using colors that stand out and vibrant paint. I think this remains as one of the best ways to modernize your kitchen. Using a lighter cabinet trend and brightened paint colors can create the contrast that you need to build a look that will impress a few eyes!

Are you in?

If you’re looking to add to your décor or simply change part of it, consider some of these top interior trends for the coming season. These can all make a beautiful statement in your home, creating a new look that will surely catch attention. Do you like any of the trends this year? What are your favorites? Comment below!

All white living room

Product list:

White Leather 3 Piece Chair and Ottoman Set
Mercury Pillow, 20×20
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Crystal Chandelier
4′ White Ficus Pedestal Planter
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Wall light sconce in chrome
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